Sony Developing New Gaming Handheld – WSJ

Sony Developing New Gaming Handheld - WSJ

Sony is reportedly developing a new portable device that shares characteristics of handheld game machines, e-book readers and netbook computers, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The publication also says that Japanese wireless carrier NTT DoCoMo Inc. is in discussions with platform holders about adding 3G network connections to the next generation of handheld systems, which could allow the likes of Sony and Nintendo to push software and patches to new devices without relying on users to initiate updates.

3DS producer Hideki Konno told us in a recently published interview: “I wanted the system to be as convenient as it can be in the online field. I wanted to realise a situation where you wake up in the morning, open your 3DS and there’s new content already downloaded and waiting for you, not because you went looking for it but because we pushed it to you."

NTT DoCoMo president Ryuji Yamada told the WSJ: "Videogame makers know that in order for portable game machines to take the next step forward, they need wireless communication. We are discussing this with various players."