Sony Drops PSP Development Tool Costs

Sony Drops PSP Development Tool Costs

Sony Computer Entertainment has reduced the cost of PSP development tools in a bid to attract more game makers to the handheld.

Following the official unveiling of its latest portable, PSP Go, at its E3 press conference yesterday, the platform holder said that PSP dev tool models DTP-T2000A and DTP-T2000 would now be priced at 150,000 yen in Japan, $1,500 in North America and €1,200 in PAL territories.

“By offering PSP development tools at a very attractive price, SCE will provide a more affordable game development environment for a broader range of developers and publishers, further enhancing the software lineup for the PSP system,” the company said in a statement.

Sony will also include programming tool ProDG for free as part of PSP SDK*1 and has dropped the price of testing tool models DTP-H2500A and DTP-H2500 to 100,000 yen, $1,000 and €800.

“As part of the measures to support broader range of developers and publishers to create varieties of small software titles, SCE will aim to provide a development environment within this calendar year that will allow creators to develop more casually, exciting and attractive content to be made available for the ever growing PlayStation Network users around the world by streamlining the process from license agreement to publishing for small, download exclusive software titles,” the firm added.