Sony Launches PSN Digital Comics Service

Sony Launches PSN Digital Comics Service

Sony has launched a new online digital comics service via the PlayStation Store.

Grace Chen, senior manager of the PlayStation Store,explained, “PlayStation Network launched a new digital comics service for the PSP system today. As you already know, PSP firmware update v6.20 included a Digital Comics reader application that is accessible under the Extras icon on the XMB.

“Starting today, you can access hundreds of digital comics on PlayStation Store, directly on the PSP or via MediaGo (on the PC). You will notice a new ‘tab’ for comics, next to the game and video tabs.”

Chen says there’s a “free comics” category that allows consumers to choose from a selection of comics that you can download for free. Titles are from Sony partners such as Marvel, IDW Publishing and Disney.

“The Digital Comics reader is unique to the PSP system and has an easy to use feature called Autoflow that allows you to zoom in/out and move frame by frame or page by page through the comic,” says Chen. “It’s so intuitive, you feel as if you are holding and reading the actual book. There’s also a built-in music player so you can listen to the music on your PSP while reading the digital comics.”