Sony: No New European PS2 Until 2008

Sony: No New European PS2 Until 2008

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has told Next-Gen that the new model PlayStation 2, announced for Japan earlier Tuesday, won’t be hitting European shores until the New Year.

While SCEE confirmed that the new lightweight model featuring an in-built AC adaptor is coming to Europe, it was unable to provide a solid date. But one thing that’s for certain is that it won’t be arriving in time for the Christmas shopping rush. While the new PS2 will launch in Japan on November 22, it won’t be hitting Europe until the New Year.


The new model won’t be getting a price cut in Japan or in the UK / Europe, where it will continue to sell for the recommended retail prices of £94.99 / €129.99 despite the hardware revisions.


In Japan the redesigned unit will be available in Charcoal Black, Ceramic White and Satin Silver models. The SCEE spokesperson couldn’t confirm whether European consumers would be offered the same variety of choice.


SCE Japan also announced Tuesday that two new Deep Red PSP bundles will launch in December. SCEE confirmed that these packs would be limited edition and retail in Japan only.


Sony’s PS2 has sold in excess of 120 million units since releasing just over seven years ago.