Sony: PS3 Mfg. Troubles ‘Resolved’

Sony: PS3 Mfg. Troubles 'Resolved'

Despite delivering well below the projected day one PlayStation 3 launch quantity, SCEA tells Next-Gen that it’s “pleased” with yesterday’s NPD results, adding that manufacturing issues are “resolved.”

As previously reported, research firm NPD Group found that Sony sold 197,000 PS3s in the month of November, well below the projected 400,000 unit target that the company had previously announced for the November 17 launch.

In a statement sent to Next-Gen from SCEA, communications boss David Karraker said that Sony is sticking to its previously announced North American launch targets. “While initial day-one launch shipment goals weren’t achievable due to early manufacturing issues, those problems have been resolved and we do remain focused on having one million PS3s in the pipeline by December 31, 2006," Karraker said.

Karraker also commented, "We will continue to utilize airfreight delivery for PlayStation 3 to assure a steady stream of systems for North American consumers through the end of the year.”

Despite Sony’s confidence, some analysts, such as Evan Wilson with Pacific Crest Securities in Portland, Oregon, doubt that the company will meet its goal. He told Bloomberg earlier this week, “There’s no way that Sony will make its forecast for 1 million units in the U.S. this calendar year. They will face supply constraints at least through March.”

Earlier this year, Sony slashed its initial PS3 shipment targets and delayed the console’s European launch because of supply issues pertaining to the blue laser diode used in the PS3′s advanced Blu-ray disc drive.

Karraker emphasized that while the PS3 is experiencing supply issues, the six-year-old PS2 was the top-selling home console with a surprising 664,000 units sold. The Xbox 360 sold 511,000 units in November, while the limited-supply Wii sold 476,000 (those sales were constrained by supply).

Sony’s PSP handheld managed to sell 412,000 units for November, almost a 50 percent year-over-year increase, according to Karraker. Pocket-going rival Nintendo DS sold a whopping 918,000 units for the month.

"Sony Computer Entertainment America is very pleased with the NPD data for November, showing outstanding sales for all of its platforms," Karraker said.