Sony Rejects PSP2 Speculation

Sony Rejects PSP2 Speculation

Sony has rejected claims that a true successor to the PSP is in the pipeline.

Just days ago, a leak from an anonymous publishing source led to widespread media reports suggesting that Sony was looking to bring both a new iteration of the PSP to the market – said to be called the PSP 4000 – as well as a new handheld entirely further down the line.

Yet Sony’s director of hardware marketing, John Koller, has explained that the reports have misinterpreted Sony’s newly-announced policy of focusing developers away from Universal Media Discs and towards digital distribution. He tells Silicon Alley Insider that “no plans for a PSP2 are underway.”

The article does not clarify if Koller was approached on the subject of the rumoured PSP 4000, a handheld which could be a key propagator in Sony’s apparent push for online distribution over UMDs, if it indeed exists at all.

Edge has contacted Sony for comment on the matter.

Source via Kotaku