Sony To Restructure Networked Services Business

Sony To Restructure Networked Services Business

Sony has announced plans to restructure its networked services operations by absorbing the business into the parent company.

Its networked services business is currently a part of its game unit Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE).

The reorganisation will see SCE change its name to SNE Platform, but its games business will then be split off into a new company called Sony Computer Entertainment.

Sony will then absorb SNE Platform effective April 1, according to Dow Jones.

“This is a rather complicated manoeuvre involving the legal entity SCEI in Japan. It has no effect on any regional HQ – ie. SCEA, SCEE etc are totally unaffected by this,” a Sony spokesman told CVG.

Sony’s move to separate its game and networked services units is an interesting one as it has spoken on numerous occasions of plans to expand the PlayStation Network to non-gaming products including network enabled Blu-ray players, Sony televisions and PCs.

A new studio, Sony Network Entertainment, was recently formed to create content for the service, headed by SCE boss Kaz Hirai.