Spectator mode added to League Of Legends

Riot Games has announced that an upcoming League Of Legends patch will add a spectator mode, allowing players to watch matches being played by their friends as well as those at the top of the leaderboards.

When the patch is released, players will be able to start watching in-progress matches – with a three-minute delay – by simply right-clicking on their name and selecting the appropriate menu option. There's no limit on the number of players who can watch a match, whether selected from a friends list or the Featured Games section, which puts the spotlight on some of the best League Of Legends players.

Spectators will even be able to rewind, fast forward, slow down and pause the action; the Directed Camera, meanwhile, automatically follows the most intense action on the map.

It's smart stuff given that League Of Legends has enjoyed a rapid rise to prominence among eSports fans. The finale of its first competitive season was watched live online by almost 1.7 million people, and as such it makes sense that spectator mode – which was previously only available during tournaments – will be open to the more than four million people who play Riot's free-to-play action RTS every single day.