Splash Damage and Warchest reveal Rad Soldiers

Warchest, the new free-to-play publishing company from the same stable as Brink developer Splash Damage, has announced Rad Soldiers, a turn-based multiplayer strategy game which will be released for iOS in June.

Referred to internally as Guns With Friends, Rad Soldiers is Splash Damage's iOS debut and its first free-to-play title, with the studio making use of a decade's worth of experience in multiplayer games as it dips its toe into two new markets.

Set in London after the mysterious McGuffin Rockets hit earth and spark a city-wide evacuation, Rad Soldiers tasks players with assembling a squad of mercenaries, facing off against human or AI opponents to gain control of the rockets and their unknown powers.

Combat is turn-based, meaning multiplayer will be asynchronous – making it ideally suited to its host platform and justifying its Zynga-riffing internal codename. As a free download, Rad Soldiers will naturally sell virtual goods through in-app purchase, with collectible mercenaries, and customisable weapons, outfits and abilties.

Richard Jolly, co-founder of Splash Damage, CCO of Warchest and director of Rad Soldiers, said: "Turn-based combat means there's no rush, allowing you to ponder your next move at your leisure and giving you ample time to unleash your inner tactical genius. You'll earn valuable experience for your soldiers whenever you play, levelling up your squad commander to unlock new abilities."

This is just the first game from Warchest; Splash Damage is also at work on multiplayer games for PC and consoles. The studio is also focusing on cross-platform play, with co-founder Paul Wedgwood saying players "should be free to switch devices at will without leaving their favourite game universe and friends behind."