Spore Coming to DS

Spore Coming to DS

[UPDATE] During Electronic Arts’ quarterly conference call, the company confirmed that the hotly anticipated PC game Spore is also coming to the Nintendo DS; EA “all over” Wii and DS with My Sims for both platforms and SimCity for DS.

Update: Added comments from EA CEO. 

“We have shifted and acquired resources and are attacking these successful platforms,” said EA CFO Warren Jenson, referring to Nintendo’s platforms.

My Sims will be coming to both the DS and the Wii, and SimCity will also be coming to the DS.

Formerly a PC-only release, a version of Spore will be heading to the DS. No release dates or other details were given outside of the confirmation of the upcoming games.

In the past, Spore creator and Maxis chief designer Will Wright had expressed interest in bringing Spore to the DS and other platforms.

Jenson also said that more EA Sports titles will be making their way to Nintendo platforms.

“In short, we are on it,” Jenson said regarding DS and Wii support.

During a Q&A session during the conference call, one analyst asked EA chairman and CEO Larry Probst if he is concerned if the strong-selling Wii turns out to be just a "fad."

Probst answered, “With regards to the Wii platform, at least initially, it seems like it’s expanding the overall market and expanding the demographic of users and people that purchase software, so we think that’s a good thing. We’ll have to see if that’s sustainable over time, but certainly [Nintendo’s] got off to a very encouraging start.”

(Spore PC screenshot pictured.)