SpyParty Beta Signups Open

SpyParty Beta Signups Open

Chris Hecker, the independent developer of the PC espionage game SpyParty, is now accepting signups for the game's beta.

In a post on the game's website, Hecker invites users to sign up, with applicants asked to pay $15 for access to the beta, giving full access to the game throughout SpyParty's development, with all players guaranteed a full copy of the finished game.

"I'm really happy to finally open up SpyParty playtesting to people outside of my local friends and the few hundred folks who get to play the game at public showings," Hecker wrote. "For me, this will mean I can balance and tune the game to the intense player-skill depth I’m striving for, using real data and feedback from a large number of players over a long period of time.

" For you, it means you finally get to play SpyParty without standing in line at a show, and you can have a real and meaningful impact on the game’s development; you will get to see and feel new features and changes to the game as they happen, instead of just reading about them on the blog or on a news site. I’m pretty sure we are both going to have a blast!"

Entirely Hecker's work, SpyParty is a game about perception and deception. It casts one player as a spy, and the other as a sniper, the latter tasked with spotting the former as he moves around a party completing missions. To sign up for the beta, click here.