Square Enix and Bigpoint unveil Gameglobe

Square Enix and German online game company Bigpoint have unveiled Gameglobe, a free-to-play, browser-based action-adventure game with extensive support for user-generated content.

Gameglobe sports numerous levels of its own, but the intent is for users to create their own. Details are rather thin on the ground at the moment, but the game's website pledges that the creation process will be simple and intuitive, with completed works given their own URL for ease of sharing. Bigpoint will distribute the game in Europe and North America.

Game director Rune Vendler said: "It's never been easier to create your own game. We want Gameglobe to be a community where everyone can get involved in the fun: plan new games every day, share your favourites, or flex your creative muscles with your own design."

Gameglobe is being developed by Hapti.co, the Danish studio that recently ported Square Enix's Mini Ninjas to Google's Native Client, making it playable in the Chrome browser, and the game is currently in closed beta. It'll be opened up to more players in the coming months; to register your interest, follow the source link below.