Square Enix and Ubisoft Strike Japan Deal

Square Enix and Ubisoft Strike Japan Deal

Square Enix has entered a publishing deal allowing it to distribute a number of Ubisoft titles across Japan.

The news is part of Square Enix’s continuing efforts to expand its presence westward, whilst bolstering its own catalogue of titles in its native country. Last November Square Enix announced a landmark partnership with Western developer Gas Powered Games, days before stating that it would be publishing the WiiWare title LostWinds in Japan (a deal which Frontier’s managing director David Walsh told Edge was “vital” for the game’s success in the region.) 

“The global video game market is expected to maintain sustainable growth thanks to geographical expansion and diversification of [its] customer base," said Square Enix company President Yoichi Wada.

Now with the Ubisoft partnership cemented, Square Enix is gaining a reputation as the industry’s transcontinental go-to publisher. "By partnering with the Ubisoft Group we can now work to provide high-quality overseas-produced games to Japan, thus invigorating the Japanese game market while strengthening our presence as a global leader in the video game industry," Wada concluded.