Square Enix announces Deus Ex: The Fall for mobile and tablets

Deus Ex The Fall

Deus Ex The Fall

Square Enix has announced Deus Ex: The Fall, the first game in a new series of mobile games developed by N-Fusion, the studio behind arcadey iOS flight game Air Mail, in collaboration with Eidos Montréal.

The Fall includes never before seen characters from the Random House novel Deus Ex: The Icarus effect, and the game picks up directly after the book’s conclusion. Players are cast as Ben Saxon, a former British SAS mercenary intent on getting to the bottom of a conspiracy around the supply of a drug that augmented humans need to survive.

Jean-Francois Dugas, executive director at Eidos Montréal, said in a press release that the development team had created “a whole new story and controls for intuitive touchscreen gameplay,” promising players “the full Deus Ex experience.”

You can see the game’s debut trailer below.