Square Enix Makes Western Dev Deal

Square Enix Makes Western Dev Deal

Square Enix Makes Western Dev Deal

Japanese giant Square Enix has announced a landmark partnership with Western developer Gas Powered Games.

The “strategic partnership” marks the first time the Final Fantasy firm has gone beyond its native country for an external development deal. Washington-based Gas Powered Games, best known for its Dungeon Siege RPG series, will develop the sequel to its RTS game Supreme Commander for the Japanese publisher.

“This strategic partnership represents one of the first steps Square Enix … are taking towards their goal of increasing Western development efforts aimed for the global markets,” the company said in a released statement. "Additionally, Square Enix’s foray into the real-time strategy genre is a significant expansion of its product lineup.”

Square Enix president Yoichi Wada, who has on many occasions stressed the importance of expanding his company westward, said of the new deal: "We see great opportunities in European and North American markets, both of which are expected to be maintaining sustainable growth over these coming years.”

“It is crucial we create alliances with proven developers such as Gas Powered Games in order to serve these significant markets better by providing products and services in tune with customer tastes."

John Yamamoto, president and ceo of both Square Enix Ltd and US sister company Square Enix Inc, gave high praise for the firm’s newest partner. "Gas Powered Games is an accomplished development house that has demonstrated its ability to successfully create and develop intellectual properties. We are extremely excited to begin working with Gas Powered Games’ talented personnel and see this strategic partnership as a significant step in our efforts to bring Square Enix titles to a broader global audience."

Suggestions are mounting that Square Enix will be adding more titles to its external development portfolio in the coming months.