Square Enix Providing Deus Ex 3 Cinematics

Square Enix Providing Deus Ex 3 Cinematics

Square Enix’s Tokyo developers are to work on the cinematics for Eidos Montreal’s upcoming Deus Ex sequel, the studio’s general manager Stephane D’Astous told us.

"Deus Ex 3 is going to be the first project which will be a concrete product of joint effort between Square Enix and Eidos," said D’Astous. "The cinematics—by which I mean any CGI pre-rendered cinematics — are going to be done in Tokyo by Square Enix, and that’s going to be amazing."

Explaining the background for this announcement, D’Astous said, "It was in April when Square Enix acquired us, and by June, July I was trying to think of a project we could do together. One morning I woke up and I said, we’ll, they’re known for their cinematics, so why not get them involved with those?"

Though the level of cinematic sequences in Deus Ex 3 is currently un-announced, D’Astous claimed Square Enix would at least be working on the trailers and the introduction cinematic.

"We already have some pre-visualisations," continued D’Astous. "The people in Tokyo are just so glad to work on it; this is the first project for them that’s a non-Final Fantasy title— they even want to work on Thief 4 too, so everyone is really excited."