Square Enix Sees Quarterly Loss

Square Enix Sees Quarterly Loss

Square Enix saw sales fall and posted a net loss for its first fiscal quarter ended June 30.

Company-wide sales declined 1.2 per cent year-on-year to 29.4 billion yen ($302.1m/£181.5m), operating income was down 82.8 per cent to 594 million yen ($6.1m/£3.7m), and net income showed a loss of 1.672 billion yen ($17.2m/£10.3m), compared to a profit of 2.883 billion during the same quarter a year earlier.

These results are for the game, amusement, publishing, mobile and merchandising segments of the company’s operations. It should also be noted that Square Enix acquired Eidos for £84 million during the quarter.

Year-on-year Square’s game segment saw sales rise 7.2 per cent to 8.152 billion yen ($83.9m/£50.3m), but recorded an operating loss of 922 million yen ($9.5m/£5.7m), compared to an operating profit of 1.665 billion yen for the same quarter last year.

The company noted that, as of June 30, it had shipped 2.16 million copies of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and 1.55 million units of Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories.

Despite the quarterly results, the company has forecast full year net income of 15 billion yen ($154.3m/£92.8m). During the period Square will release Final Fantasy XIII and Batman: Arkham Asylum, among other titles, while the recently launched Dragon Quest IX has been performing strongly in Japan.