Square Enix Silent on Possible Eidos Acquisition

Square Enix Silent on Possible Eidos Acquisition

Square Enix Silent on Possible Eidos Acquisition

Rumour is surfacing that Japanese giant Square Enix is preparing to make a rival bid for troubled UK publisher Eidos. Stakeholder company Warner Bros is also believed to be readying an acquisition bid, becoming the fourth party thought to be interested in buying a controlling stake of the firm.

A spokesperson for Square Enix would not confirm or deny these rumours, telling Edge that “we cannot comment on speculation.” The same response came from an Eidos spokesperson, who explained that the company cannot comment on the matter at all. At the time of writing Warner Bros were unavailable for comment.   

On Monday Eidos was the subject of mounting speculation that EA and Ubisoft were preparing to purchase the company, yet today an MCV report is suggesting that those two publishers will have more to compete with than each other.

Yesterday SCi changed its name, logo and stock listing to Eidos – bringing brand parity to its businesses – which reignited speculation that the company was about to be bought out.

Last month Square Enix announced a landmark partnership with Western developer Gas Powered Games, as company president Yoichi Wada continued to stress the importance of expanding the company westward.

Yet it is Warner Bros who many commentators are tipping to emerge as the holding company when the dust settles. The entertainment firm already holds a 20 percent stake of Eidos, meaning that (unless it sells) it will have a part to play in the future of the company even if another company buys a controlling share. This minority stake means Warner Bros doesn’t need to spend as much as its reported takeover rivals to buy a controlling stake. Last month Eidos relaxed restrictions on Warner that prevented it from buying more shares of the company.

More as it comes through.