Starbreeze to acquire Payday dev

Starbreeze, developer of the Riddick games and EA's recent Syndicate reboot, is set to acquire Overkill Software, the Swedish studio behind Payday: The Heist.

Announced in a press release, the deal is subject to approval by Starbreeze's shareholders, and includes all of Overkill's technology and IP. That includes Payday, which has been downloaded over 400,000 times on PC and PS3 since its release last October; Overkill is already at work on expansions and a sequel.

For Starbreeze, the deal lays the foundations for its bid to build a strong portfolio of its own IP, rather than relying on work-for-hire deals with publishers.

Overkill creative director Ulf Andersson said: "Starbreeze and Overkill are two unique FPS studios. Starbreeze has graphical emphasis, and Overkill has total focus on innovative gameplay.

"Together we form a unique constellation of creative forces. With two strong technology platforms and extensive experience in major productions, we become an unbeatable team."

Our review of Payday: The Heist praised the action at its core but lamented its lack of polish, saying: "Overkill couldn't, for whatever reason, give Payday the development time it needed for its rough edges to be sanded down, but it remains a game with great potential."