State of the industry research reveals the rise of indie and mobile



A boom in indie studios and mobile game development are the dominant themes in GDC 2013 organiser UBM’s State of the Industry research.

Gamasutra has the full details on the poll of over 2,500 GDC attendees. 53% identified themselves as indie developers and of those developers, 51% have been indies for less than two years. 46% of developers surveyed work in a team of ten or less, while only 24% worked with a publisher on their last game and even fewer – just 20% – are planning to do so with their current project.

38% of the respondents released their last game on tablet or mobile, with 58% intending to do so with their current project. PC/Mac was the second most popular platform with 34.6% of developers polled having released their last game on those platforms. 49% of those polled intend to release future projects on PC and Mac.

On home console, 13.2% of developers are currently developing a game for 360, with 13% for PS3 and just 4.6% for Wii U. 11% said they were developing games for PS4 and the next Xbox.

Handhelds were the least popular platforms, with just 4.2% currently making a game for Vita and 2% working on a 3DS project. There are more facts and figures in the Gamasutra report.