Steam for Linux launches to public


The Steam for Linux client has left beta and can now be downloaded from the Ubuntu Software Center. To accompany the launch, Valve is holding a Steam sale, discounting over 50 Linux games until February 21.

Valve has been increasingly critical of Microsoft’s Windows OS, which it says has become too closed in its most recent iterations, and confirmed that it was working on the client last July.

Valve’s upcoming Steam Box will, of course, also run on Linux, but the client will open up a broader market to Steam developers straight away.

“The introduction of Steam to Ubuntu demonstrates growing demand for open systems from gamers and game developers,” said David Pitkin, director of consumer applications for Ubuntu parent Canonical.

“We expect a growing number of game developers to include Ubuntu among their target platforms. We’re looking forward to seeing AAA games developed with Ubuntu in mind as part of a multi-platform day and date release on Steam.”

The Linux client also includes Big Picture Mode, which means intrepid – and impatient – Steam users will now find it even easier to build their own Steam Boxes.