Suda51 “not that concerned” about alienating female players with ‘Gigolo’ missions


Suda51 has said that he is “not that concerned” about alienating female players with the ‘Gigolo’ missions in Killer Is Dead.

Some sections of Suda51s next game ask the player to attempt to seduce female characters in the game, and to do that, they can use special ‘Gigolo glasses’ which allow the player to see through their date’s clothing.

Suda51 told us that he doesn’t believe that the depiction of women in Killer Is Dead will be problematic in his native Japan, and has sought feedback from the game’s publisher in Europe and North America.

“I’m actually not that concerned, because I think women can have just as much fun with that mode; that’s certainly the case in Japan anyway,” he said. “I don’t know about North America or Europe. We haven’t done any focus tests for this mode specifically, but I did have the publishers – both European and North American, Deep Silver and Xseed – give us their feedback on the mode, and give us what they thought was wrong. And they also seemed to feel that it’s a mode that would be palatable for audiences local to Europe and North America. I’m not as concerned as you might think.”

Suda told us that he originally wanted to include the ‘Gigolo mode’ in Shadows Of The Damned, but it didn’t make the cut. When asked whether he is aware how the missions could be perceived by many game players, Suda responded: “We try to create a world that doesn’t really trace or depict what is considered ‘real’, but what I like to consider a ‘hyper-real’ world. And when you take examples in other pop-culture media… James Bond, especially, which is a big inspiration for Mondo girls – ‘Mondo girl’ is a play on the Japanese pronunciation of Bond girl, in fact.”

“James Bond, after he does a mission, there’s always going to be a Bond girl who will, in between, offer him a moment of relief and relaxation. So I’m depicting something similar here, and I feel that the implementation of it will give the players a kind of beat, a type of rest.”

When we suggested that the depiction of women in the Bond films has evolved over the years, Suda replied: “It’s not that we depict the women in any derogatory way, so I’m not extremely concerned about the depiction of these characters. I think if you play this mode for yourself, [then] you will be able to understand the context. There is punishment if Mondo tries to do anything that crosses the line with these women, too, so he could very well get slapped if he does anything that would be considered not classy or uncool. I think there’s a proper amount of punishment and reward.”

You can read the full interview in the new issue of Edge Magazine, on sale Thursday July 4.