Develop 2013: Surgeon Simulator 2013 could come to mobile and next gen consoles, says Bossa


Bossa Studios is looking into how to bring its breakout hit Surgeon Simulator 2013 to mobile and next gen consoles.

During one of the highlights of Develop In Brighton’s Evolve track, Bossa co-founder and gamer in chief Henrique Olifiers chronicled the game’s evolution from a game jam title made in 48 hours to ‘proper’ release, and also confirmed that it won’t be releasing a sequel or annualised follow-up.

When asked about whether his studio is looking into bringing the game to next gen consoles, Olifiers said: “We have to find out if it works well – we’re not a studio restricted by platform. We do it all, we’re platform agnostic. If there is an audience there that likes what we do, we’ll definitely go there.”

On the subject of potentially porting the game to mobile, he added:  “We don’t know how the controls would translate. If we can make it work nicely, yes – we are in the process of finding that out.”

Surgeon Simulator 2013 was originally inspired by Valve’s Meet The Medic video, and conceived during the 48 hour Global Game Jam 2013. When it quickly went viral, Bossa decided to turn it into a full game and try to release it within 48 days.

When it placed the title on Steam Greenlight, Surgeon Simulator “broke the graphs for popularity,” said Olifiers, reaching “six figure sales” in the first few weeks. The title received another boost when Bossa approached Valve to add a Meet The Medic mode to the game, in reference to Surgeon Simulator’s inspiration.

With the game’s success secured, Bossa has a roadmap for its future, but prefers to think of the game as a service rather than a series – “I don’t like the word franchise,” said Olifiers. Surgeon Simulator has, to date, been played 3.3 million times on Kongregate, and is the subject of over one million YouTube videos, which have racked up over 80 million views to date.

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