Survey: Children Benefit From Games

Survey: Children Benefit From Games

Videogames can contribute to a child’s education, improve hand-eye coordination and aid problem-solving skills. These are the conclusions of a study commissioned by Sony Online Entertainment.

The survey, which was hosted by the Yahoo-owned website Shine back in June, asked parents across America how gaming has influenced their children. The survey’s results, published in the November issue of Family Circle magazine, found that 75% of respondents have attributed educational value and improved hand-eye coordination to videogame usage.

84 percent of respondents also reported an improvement in their child’s typing skills, and 80% claimed that their children play videogames in a “common area” of the house. 72 percent also stated that their children play games online with other people “sometimes, or all the time.”

Perhaps indicative of the ever-widening parameters of the gaming audience, Family Circle’s editor-in-chief Linda Fears said “family videogame nights are becoming incredibly popular with the variety of games out there. Parents and children of all ages are finding games to play together, no matter what each person’s experience level.”

SOE president John Smedley said of the results: “The good news is that parents are involved with and aware of what their kids are playing. The even better news is that parents and kids are playing together.”