Swedish Firm Working On 1000-Player FPS

Swedish Firm Working On 1000-Player FPS

Swedish technology firm Pikkotekk has revealed it is developing an online firstperson shooter capable of 1000 simultaneous players.

“About one year ago,” Pikkotekk’s Christian Lönnholm told Rock Paper Shotgun, “we were talking with [Eve developer] CCP and we came up with the idea that if we made an MMOFPS in Unity, the technical achievement would be of such magnitude that it would even impress random women in bars.”

Pikkotekk’s design centres on server architecture capable of holding hundreds of players at one, with technology relying on overlapping “cell servers”, which the firm compares to mobile phone transmitters, with users migrating from server to server automatically.

One central server handles load balancing between the cell servers, which handle physics and game logic. The idea is that cell servers will each handle a small part of a significantly larger game world, meaning that the limit on player load will rest with the client, and not the server.

Pikkotekk is planning a world record attempt using Robots Vs Tanks, a browser game it has mocked up in the below video using Unity.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun