Syndicate reboot inspires Paradox strategy game

Swedish developer Paradox has revealed to Rock Paper Shotgun that its new project, PC strategy title Cartel, was inspired in large part by EA's decision to reboot the classic Syndicate series as an FPS.

"We are now in a place where there are many classical PC games that have people doing remakes and new takes on them," said producer Shams Jorjani. "One of these is Syndicate, which is being developed at [fellow Swedish studio] Starbreeze. It was the worst kept secret in the Swedish game industry!

"But now it’s out there, and we were very interested in the reaction to it. Meanwhile we were kicking around a lot of ideas for what kinds of cool games we’d like to see made because nobody else is making them anymore.

"Now, we have tremendous respect for the Starbreeze guys, they make great games, but the announcement sparked a discussion about what is in a name. What makes a Syndicate game? The world? The gameplay? The platform? The name? What is it? Cartel was born out of this discussion."

Jorjani says that Cartel is being developed with the help of several other Swedish studios – "Sweden has a very strong PC heritage" – and that, depending on how the project progresses, it could be finished in 12 to 18 months.