Takahashi Will ‘Quit Games for Playgrounds’

Takahashi Will 'Quit Games for Playgrounds'

Takahashi Will 'Quit Games for Playgrounds'

Katamari Damarcy creator Keita Takahashi says he wants to quit making videogames, and focus on real world play environments.

He said, "In 10 years time, I am not going to be making games
any more. I would like to create a playground for children. A normal
playground is flat but I want an undulating one, with bumps."

Speaking to the BBC, Takahashi reiterated his view that a sequel to
Katamari had not strictly been necessary. "I didn’t want players to be
disappointed so I decided to take part. There are fun things are in the
game, though I am not happy with all of it."

As always, he was scathing about what he sees as a lack of creativity
in the business, "Developers want to come up with fun games but ideas
are judged by their sales potential. The reality is that decisions are
driven by sales and marketing. There are people who don’t buy games at
the moment but want to have fun. They want more choices and more