Take Two officially unveils WWE2K14


WWE has signed a five year deal with Take Two to release its sports entertainment games under a new brand: WWE2K.

Original developer Yuke’s will now work alongside 2K’s own Visual Concepts team on the newly-named WWE2K14. The game is set for release this autumn, reports ESPN.

WWE’s executive vice president of consumer products Casey Collins said of the deal: “With Yukes, we have a lot of history, and we’ve been very happy with what Yukes has done in the past,” said Collins. “What we’re going to do moving forward is meld Yukes with the team at Visual Concepts, so we can have the best of both worlds. Having Yukes’ experience and then getting the Visual Concepts guys on board with them, we think this is going to be a dynamic duo.”

“Now that we have the deal done, we have a lot of internal meetings with Take-Two, Yukes and Visual Concepts,” added Collins. “Everyone is going to come to the table and talk about how we can really ratchet this game up for this year.”