Target Officially Pulls Manhunt 2

Target Officially Pulls Manhunt 2

US entertainment retailer Target has pulled the PSP version of Manhunt 2 from shelves.

Target made the decision following the surfacing of a hack for the PSP version of the game which can be used to unlock Adults Only content removed from the Rockstar title in order to secure a Mature rating.


"Target strives to provide merchandise that will appeal to a wide variety of guests. We also want guests to be comfortable with the purchasing decisions they make at Target,” a company spokesperson told GameSpot.


“All video games and computer software sold at Target currently carry ratings by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) – from early childhood through mature audiences. While Manhunt 2 was given a Mature rating by the ERSB, we received additional information that players can potentially view previously filtered content by altering the game code. As a result, we have decided not to carry the game."


The surfacing of the PSP Manhunt 2 hack led to a fresh barrage of attacks on the game from varied critics last week.


Manhunt 2, which is also available for the Wii and PS2 in the US, remains banned in the UK.