Team Ico details Shadow Of The Colossus design process


Siliconera has published a translation of an extended interview with members of Team Ico that offers some charming insight into team dynamics and the game's development.

The interview is taken from the official Shadow Of The Colossus guide, which was previously only available in Japan, and covers everything from character and colossi design, the creation of the game's haunting world and why cows didn't make the cut.

"The human characters were the first to take shape, but the colossi were the first to be completed," explains Team Ico director Fumito Ueda. "I was always the one responsible for the human characters, but I asked the staff to handle turning the colossi into 3D models."

Character designer Shunpei Suzuki elaborates: "We’d start by drawing up a simple document that detailed the shape of the colossus and where fur would be growing on its body that the player could use to climb up. We also wrote down how the battle would flow and information about the colossus’ arena.

"There was never any rule that said we could only use a particular design. All Ueda told us was the size of the colossus and the pixel resolution of the screen, so as long as we kept those limits in mind, we were free to do as we pleased."

Fumito Ueda left Sony and Team Ico at the end of last year, though continues to work on the studio's much-delayed third game The Last Guardian. The developer admitted that it had been forced to "scrap and rebuild" the project in order to match Ueda's vision vision for the final game.