Team Meat unveils Mew-Genics, introduces “feline aids” to games



Team Meat has unveiled its next game, Mew-Genics, following a slow drip-feed of information since its announcement last October.

The developer is classing its game as a “cat lady sim” which blends elements of The Sims, Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Tamagotchis.

On Team Meat’s official blog, co-creator Edmund McMillen talks through a recent session. It begins with McMillen thawing out a female cat, called Puddle, from a “Cryo-cube” and attempting to breed her with another cat in his house. Puddle is unimpressed with the potential suitor and attacks him – which leads to the male cat associating food with pain, and subsequently dying of starvation.

A stray cat is then introduced that successfully mates with Puddle. It turns out, however, that the stray suffered from narcolepsy – a condition passed on to the two kittens, causing one to lose a beauty pageant when it falls asleep. Narcolepsy isn’t the only thing the stray (which runs away) passes on, however – it also has “feline aids” (known as FIV in the veterinary establishment).

McMillen places Puddle back into a Cryo-cube and then has the option to find a cure by completing tasks for a doctor – he can’t afford the cost of treatment. Unfortunately, before he can do so, he is arrested by animal control.

We’re not sure what PETA will make of Team Meat’s latest effort – it’s already taken issue with Super Meat Boy, after all – but setting aside the harrowing nature of the above description, there’s a great deal of potential for amateur geneticists to explore. It is less clear at this time, however, whether it will actually make for an enjoyable game.

We’ll find out later this year, though, when it launches on Steam, iOS and Android.