The Witcher 3: up to 100 hours’ play in the story and open world combined

The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3’s main story will take up to 50 hours to play through, with another 40-50 hours worth of quests to complete in its open world, CD Projekt has told us.

Wild Hunt has been billed previously as 20 per cent bigger than Skyrim, but its main storyline will be far more substantial than Bethesda’s title, says gameplay producer Marek Ziemak.

“Skyrim, which I think we all love, is a rather short game in terms of the main storyline,” he told us. “If you just want to focus on that element and you’re not that interested in exploring the world, it’s not that big. But that’s the core of The Witcher 3: the main story. It’s 40, 50 hours, plus the open world.”

There will be another 40 to 50 hours of gameplay in the wider world, claims the studio.

Speaking in our latest issue, the Polish studio revealed details of the game’s combat, described by Ziemak as “closer, more personal, and a bit more bloody.” With new Witcher Senses – a new ability, clearly building on the Arkham series’ Detective Mode – you’ll also be able to identify enemy weak points in combat, or track enemies in the openworld.

We were also shown a DirectX 11 tech demo of the game. “All the next-gen platforms look similar from a technical point of view,” said managing director Adam Badowski. “There are differences in user experience, but they’re all 64bit architecture, DX11 or something similar, [which] puts us in a very comfortable situation.”

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