Thottbot Owner Acquires Wowhead

Thottbot Owner Acquires Wowhead

World of Warcraft database Wowhead has joined one firm’s stable of MMO resources which includes the popular Thottbot and Allakhazam, following a new acquisition.

Zam Network bought Wowhead for an undisclosed amount, although rumors claim that it was sold for around $1 million.

Wowhead is an extensive, searchable user-generated database that ranks in the top 1,000 (843rd as of press time) trafficked websites, according to

The site just launched last year and has seen explosive growth.

Zam Network also owns MMO Interface.

Zam Network parent company is Affinity Media, former owner of controversial virtual item seller IGE. Outspoken Wowhead users decried the acquisition as sort of a "sell-out" to the gold farming business. However, Zam Network president John Maffei said that Affinity sold IGE this past spring. Wowhead has a "firm stance" against such virtual item services, and apparently will continue that policy.

Maffei added, "For the immediate future, yes, the team will be staying on. I respect the heck out of the team and would be crazy not to try to retain them."