THQ and Adidas settle breach of contract dispute

THQ and Adidas have “amicably resolved” a dispute over a fitness game designed to tie in with the sports equipment firm’s miCoach digital exercise measurement system.

The games publisher entered into a development agreement in December 2010 to create a product provisionally titled miCoach 24/7, which should have been released in January 2012, according to court filings.

But amid falling revenues, rising losses and the threat of losing its Nasdaq listing, THQ told Adidas in December last year that it would not be able to complete the game.

In response Adidas sought a jury trial for breach of contract, damages of at least $10.6 million (£6.7 million), and an injunction preventing THQ from transferring the rights to the game to a third party.

In a statement issued to Gamesta, Adidas’ Frank Thomas said the dispute between the two companies has now been settled: “Adidas and THQ Inc. have amicably resolved the dispute, which will allow Adidas to get the miCoach game to market without delay and without compromising any of its unique features.

“Through the settlement, each party was recognized for and compensated for their important contributions to the game.”