THQ Dropping Big Huge Games

THQ Dropping Big Huge Games

THQ Dropping Big Huge Games

Yet another established game developer faces closing.

THQ said that nine-year-old Rise of Nations and Catan creator Big Huge Games must soon find a buyer, or suffer a complete shutdown. THQ acquired Maryland-based Big Huge Games just over a year ago.

THQ VP of investor relations Julie MacMedan told CrispyGamer, "THQ informed the staff at its Big Huge Games studio in Timonium, MD, that it plans to close the studio if a sale is not completed in the near future.

"These actions were unfortunate but were necessitated by the difficult economic environment."

The move is part of THQ’s previously-announced plan to cut 24 percent of its workforce, or 600 workers, with the goal of $220 million in cost reductions.

THQ also has informed internal dev houses Heavy Iron Studios and Incinerator that they will become independent companies.

In 2007, Big Huge Games announced that it had entered an agreement with RPG vet Ken Rolston to create a new RPG for PC and consoles. It would be a departure for the studio, which made its name developing top-tier PC strategy games.

Calls to THQ and Big Huge Games were unanswered as of press time.