THQ Impressed by De Blob Sales, Implies Sequel

THQ Impressed by De Blob Sales, Implies Sequel

At a time when financial turbulence is hitting publishers and developers, THQ has bucked the trend with a cheerful outlook: the publisher is pleased with the sales of De Blob, and wants to make a sequel.

According to sales data compiled by the NPD Group, along with a report from IGN, the Wii’s unique platformer had sold some 230,000 units in the US by the end of December, with THQ claiming the game has sold comfortably worldwaide since its September 2008 release.

De Blob is one of the few new IPs of 2008 that had sold enough to impress its publisher, though perhaps more impressive is how it is a third-party title which has succeeded on Nintendo’s Wii; a console which many have struggled to take commercial advantage of. It is said that De Blob has sold some 80,000 more units than Nintendo’s Wario Land: Shake It.

“We’re pleased with de Blob’s performance worldwide,” a THQ spokesperson told IGN. “It’s a great intellectual property and you can expect to see more of de Blob in the future."