TIGA Forms Casual Games Committee

TIGA Forms Casual Games Committee

UK trade association Tiga has announced a new division which will focus on raising the profile of and supporting Britain's increasing number of social and mobile game developers. The Casual Games Committee will support companies creating games on all formats, providing their production budgets fall between £10,000 and £300,000.

Mike Hawkyard, co-founder of 4T2 – an award winning digital agency that specialises in making online games for children – will head up the committee as acting chairman. The committee will advise on best practice and seek to identify new trends, organise discounts on software, develop strategic partnerships, provide networking events and offer marketing support.

“The UK has a tremendous amount of skill in the casual games market," says Hawkyard. "Our goal is to utilise this collective talent, helping all of our members deliver the highest quality of gaming experience, at a lower cost, to a larger audience.”

“TIGA’s vision is to make the UK the best place in the world to do games business," adds Tiga CEO Dr Richard Wilson. "The UK has successful and dynamic casual game developers, including Kempt, 4T2 Multimedia, Neon Play, Kerb Digital, Playniac, Koko digital, Stick Sports and Matimi. TIGA, through our new Casual Games Committee, will work to advance the interests and to promote commercial opportunities for casual game developers.”

Source: TIGA