Time’s Up for Xbox 360 Kiddies

Time's Up for Xbox 360 Kiddies

Time's Up for Xbox 360 Kiddies

Microsoft has confirmed an upcoming Xbox 360 feature that will let parents set restrictions on kids’ game time.

The Xbox 360 Family Timer takes a cue from its Windows Vista counterpart by allowing parents to set an “appropriate” amount of gaming time on a daily or weekly basis.

In-game notifications will appear warning young gamers that playtime is about to end, as the rigors of homework and bed-making await. When the timer hits the dreaded "0" the console will automatically turn off.

The feature will be available for download via Xbox Live in early December.

The announcement was made in conjunction with a new partnership between Microsoft and the Parent Teacher Association, as the Xbox business continues to reach out to families to shake its “hardcore gamers only” image.