Tony Hawk: Ride dev crowd funds new project


Robomodo, developer of Tony Hawk: Ride, is seeking funding for development of its new project on crowdsourcing website Kickstarter.

The developer's mobile wing, Robomite, is seeking $35,000 in funding for Bodoink, a Kinect game using Xbox Avatars for release on Xbox Live Arcade. Writing on Kickstarter, the team explains that its primary goal is to finish development of the game before finding a publisher, a necessary evil for the game to stand out on XBLA, enabling it to retain full control of the IP.

"Robomite's normal mode of business is to create games with publisher funding," it explains. "Normally the publisher will commission a developer to create a game, pay them for it, distribute it and retain all rights.

"With Bodoink it's all about controlling the game from beginning to end… Once a game is completed, it is much easier to maintain control rights over the game as it is being shown to publishers for distribution.

"We want to make sure this is a professional-level XBLA game and that requires a publisher for access. There is a place for non-published games but it is very hard for games to stand out in that area."

Those that back the project will be able to vote on game features and have input into design of achievements. At the time of writing the team has secured $510 in funds from 18 backers.