Total War goes mobile


PC strategy series Total War is headed to iOS and Android, publisher Sega has confirmed.

Developer The Creative Assembly is hard at work on Total War Battles: Shogun ahead of its release for iPhone, iPad and Android next month. Both studio and publisher insist that this is no shoehorned PC port, but has been designed specifically for mobiles with multi-touch controls.

Creative director Mike Simpson said: "We're thrilled to bring Total War's compelling realtime battles to mobile devices. We've designed a fresh new interface, combat mechanics and visuals specifically for mobile platforms through the Unity engine.

"Players will face absorbing new tactical challenges across an extensive, narrative-driven campaign, with numerous side-missions to explore."

Shogun features a promised ten hours of content, following the story of a grieving samurai who embarks on a series of bloody battles across Japan in search of revenge. It will be released on the Apple App Store and Google Play, the new name for the Android Market, on April 19.