Treyarch Up to the CoD Challenge

Treyarch Up to the CoD Challenge

Treyarch Up to the CoD Challenge

Treyarch has been talking about its upcoming WWII-themed Call of Duty: World at War, and how the studio can live up to the phenomenal Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

In an interview with Europe’s Develop magazine, Treyarch senior producer Noah Heller says that more development time, a robust middleware engine and a lot of love and polish will make Call of Duty: World at War a worthy follow-up to the 2007 Infinity Ward-developed blockbuster, CoD4.

"Just look at the games that have come out over the last 12 months," Heller said. "BioShock, GTA IV, Modern Warfare of course… what all these games have is a lot of love and polish.

"…Maybe we’re somewhat of an underdog team. Call of Duty 4 comes along and it is a fantastic game, so how can we live up to that? How do we do World War II after that? We want to show people what we’re capable of.

"People will grumble at this and that, but the proof will be what we put in the box and the quality level in that."

Activision-owned studio Infinity Ward created the CoD series, and developed the original entry, as well as the second and fourth installments. World at War will use the same engine used in CoD4.

Treyarch developed 2006’s CoD3 as part of Activision’s effort to release a CoD game once a year. The studio developed that entry in just eight months. World at War’s development began two years ago.

Some critics of World at War have said that going back to WWII settings is a step back for the franchise, but Heller argues, "Our task was simple, we want to be the best shooter in whatever genre we’re in. … there are stories in WWII we haven’t told yet."

World at War is slated for release this fall.