Trials Evolution loses HD’s head-bounce exploit

Trials Evolution loses HD's head-bounce exploit

Trials Evolution loses HD's head-bounce exploit

While Trials Evolution's 3D engine is certainly more robust, your rider's neck strength has taken a turn for the worse since HD, according to RedLynx creative director Antti Ilvessuo.

The upshot is that the ability to right near misses in HD, where you were able to flip your bike back on to its wheels after an unfortunate landing, or, more hilariously, shrug your way to the edge of a platform all the while precariously resting on your rider's helmet, is no longer in your armoury.

"The neck thing caused lots of situations where the rider got 'stuck'," he explains when we bring up the fact that the rider's springy spine was just a little more rigid now.

"Sure, it was more durable, but at the same time it was not good to leave players banging their head in some bad place."

Veteran riders may relish the idea of a more punishing challenge, but is RedLynx in danger of creating an even less forgiving environment for newcomers? Ilvessuo is quick to stress that the studio worked hard to keep Evolution's difficulty on a par with HD, despite the removal of such an exploit.

"I think for people who want to go for the ultimate hardest tracks, they’ll be able to find user-generated tasks to challenge them," he says. "But we mainly wanted to keep the difficulty the same, because there are still a lot of people who can’t pass the extreme tracks. So we didn’t want to overshoot the difficulty. 

"It would’ve been easy to make more difficult tracks, but then people wouldn’t have liked it so much."

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