Trials HD Passes 300,000 Sales

Trials HD Passes 300,000 Sales

Trials HD has sold over 300,000 copies since releasing on Xbox Live Arcade on August 12.

Released as part of Microsoft’s successful Summer of Arcade promotion, the game was developed by small Finnish independent studio RedLynx.

Following Trial HD’s brisk sales the CEO of the company praised Microsoft’s XBLA platform and the digital download space for providing smaller developers with new opportunities.

“It’s a remarkable and proud moment for us to have Trials HD as one of the highest ranked games among Xbox Live Arcade users, and one of the best-selling Xbox Live Arcade games this year. Xbox Live Arcade definitely provides an excellent platform for high-quality games like Trials HD at a very affordable price point,” said RedLynx CEO Tero Virtala.

“We’re a smaller, 25-person multiplatform studio, and for us this is an excellent example of how the digital download space opens up significant opportunities that might not otherwise be available for creative and talented smaller teams.”

We recently interviewed RedLynx creative director Antti Ilvessuo about the studio and Finland’s videogame heritage, and about why he thinks a diverse approach is the secret to making great games.