Turtle Rock using CryEngine for next FPS

Left 4 Dead co-developer Turtle Rock looks set to use CryEngine for its in-development FPS, due to be published by THQ in 2013.

The studio has posted a number of jobs vacancies on its website – including engine programmer and senior gameplay programmer – adding that experience of working with Crytek's powerful engine would be a "major bonus"

"Turtle Rock Studios is looking for talented individuals to join our team as we ramp up production on Secret Project #1 for THQ – which just happens to be the most exciting, ambitious thing we’ve ever attempted,” the Turtle Rock website reads.

Speaking to VG247 recently, THQ executive vice president Danny Bilson said of the game: “The Turtle Rock game we’ll probably talk about next year. It’s well underway. It’s fantastic. It’s one of the most incredible designs that’s ever come across my desk. Really excited about that. It has some mechanics in it and gameplay that you haven’t really played before.”

Turtle Rock was bought by Valve in 2008, before being closed in the same year. It then reopened in a second incarnation in 2009.