Twelve and OG Resolve IP Rights Dispute

Twelve and OG Resolve IP Rights Dispute

Italian developer Twelve Interactive has announced that it has reached “an amicable compromise” with UK distribution firm OG International over the rights to the CID The Dummy franchise.

Twelve Interactive had said in October that it was seeking legal advice over OG’s claim that it held rights to CID The Dummy supposedly acquired from former license-holder Oxygen when the publisher went into administration.

Under the terms of the newly reached agreement, OG will distribute the game worldwide for PC, PSP, PS2 and Wii,  while Twelve retains ownership of the CID IP. The developer will also retain the rights to the DS version of the game, as well as global PC digital distribution rights and all format rights in Japan.

“We had a dispute with Oxygen which both sides were trying to resolve before Oxygen went into administration, whilst we believed the contract wasn’t settled in full, Oxygen believed they had fulfilled their obligations,” said Twelve founder Giuseppe Crugliano.

“Together we have been able to reach an amicable compromise. It is inevitable that in putting in place a rescue package for the business of Oxygen issues such as this arise but I am glad we have now finally resolved it with OG and can move forward with maximising the sales of the game.”

OG International boss Jim Scott said: “I am pleased to have cleared this matter up. Contrary to reports I didn’t believe we had acted improperly in any case but there was a genuine disagreement and it has been settled. I believed at the time that Oxygen did not and does not owe Twelve any money and am keen to set the record straight and move on.”