Ubisoft Hints at “Big” Online Plans for ’09

Ubisoft Hints at "Big" Online Plans for '09

Ubisoft Hints at "Big" Online Plans for '09

Ubisoft again dropped hints about its online ambitions in an earnings call on Wednesday.

Asked by an analyst if the French-based firm expects any "meaningful" revenue from subscriptions or downloadable content in calendar 2009, CEO Yves Guillemot (pictured) replied, "We plan to launch at least two products, so I can’t say yet what the impact of that will be. But we expect to make big launches on those two games. I don’t think it will be huge, but it will be the start of a new trend that will accelerate later."

Ubisoft has made clear that it has something up its sleeve in the realm of MMOs. The company recently said that its November acquisition of World in Conflict developer Massive Entertainment is a step towards creating MMOs.

In March, the company said that it intends to develop a Tom Clancy-branded MMO.

As for downloadable content, Ubisoft has already supported released games such as Rainbow Six Vegas and Ghost Recon with extra maps and weapons via online storefronts. The company has also said December’s Prince of Persia will have downloadable content.