Ubisoft Montpellier in Rayman Legends protest


Staff at Ubisoft Montpellier aren’t happy about the delay to Rayman Legends’ release – they have been pictured outside the studio holding a banner which reads “Release Rayman. Support Ubi Montpellier.”

The miniature protest took place following Ubisoft’s decision to delay the title until September in order to release the game on 360 and PS3, CVG reports.

News broke last week that Rayman Legends would be delayed and its status as a Wii U exclusive stripped in a move which could indicate Ubisoft’s dissatisfaction with the performance of its software titles on Wii U thus far.

Ubisoft has since tried to satiate unhappy Wii U owners with the promise of a new, exclusive demo through eShop. “Thanks for all your feedback regarding Rayman Legends in all of its forms,” a Ubisoft statement read. “We have heard you and we will continue to listen. We understand your frustration and that you want to get your hands on the game. We are working with the development team to provide you with a new, exclusive demo for the Wii U soon. Stay tuned for more.”