UK: FIFA 10 Sells Two Million

UK: FIFA 10 Sells Two Million

FIFA 10 has sold 2.2 million units in the UK and EA believes it could go on to become the bestselling game in the series so far.

Last week the publisher unveiled its World Cup tie-in title, which is due out on April 30 across Wii, PSP, Xbox 360 and PS3. EA Sports 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa will feature all 199 national teams that took part in qualification, the ten official stadiums to be used in the competition, plus stadiums from each qualifying region.

“There’s no denying FIFA 10 is the best football game ever and the innovations we have brought to the genre over the years have helped get us to where we are now,” EA Sports’ marketing manager Trevor Uzice told MCV.

“We’re all massive football fans and that definitely comes across in our campaigns. All departments work closely to make sure we’re taking the game to the right audiences and maximise every opportunity.”

Electronic Arts recently announced the development of a free, downloadable FIFA Online title that will make the series available to users with a broadband internet connection and an average spec laptop computer or desk-top PC.