UKIE “Deeply Disappointed” By Failed TIGA Merger

UKIE "Deeply Disappointed" By Failed TIGA Merger

UKIE "Deeply Disappointed" By Failed TIGA Merger

UKIE has expressed its disappointment at TIGA’s decision to abandon discussions on a proposed merger between the two trade bodies.

In a statement issued today the UK board said it was “deeply disappointed that TIGA have ruled out potential talks to discuss forming one trade body to represent the entire UK game industry.”

TIGA announced last week that it had decided to discard the notion of a merger with UKIE, saying it did not “see value in distracting ourselves with talks to such an end while the game industry faces pressing matters,” specifically the bodies’ differing opinions on the importance of Games Tax Relief, something TIGA sees as of paramount importance.

While initial reports suggested TIGA had walked away from discussions over a merger, it now appears that formal talks never took place. In its statement UKIE thanked TIGA’s CEO for “informal talks and meetings over the past six months.”

Despite TIGA’s high-handed statement last week in which it clearly addressed UKIE without mentioning it by name, was dismissive of its goals and even implied it was a redundant organisation, UKIE refused to be drawn into a war of words and instead offered an olive branch in its statement today, saying it remained open to future collaboration.

“UKIE’s board hopes that both trade associations can and will work together on the key industries that the industry faces in the very near future,” it said. “We have a good track record of working together with TIGA, and hope that this collaborative working can continue, albeit as two separate associations for now.”

The merger was one of numerous recommendations made in the Livingstone-Hope skills review, published last month. UKIE says it is currently “working with industry, government and Higher Education to implement the recommendations and speak with one voice on skills and education.”

Source: UKIE