Unity 3.5 released


Unity 3.5 has been released, Unity Technologies has announced. The latest version adds major new features and a host of tweaks to existing ones.

Heading the list of improvements is Shuriken, a curve and gradient-based modular editor which gives artists and programmers complete control over particle-based graphics. Also added are a new pathfinding and obstacle avoidance system, linear space lighting and HDR rendering, support for Google's Native Client, and several other tweaks and optimisations. For the full list, follow the source link below.

CEO David Helgason said: "This is one of the most spectacular additions we've ever made to Unity. Recognising that Unity was being pushed harder and harder, we launched our initiative to upgrade Unity with high-end capabilities that larger studios are accustomed to and smaller studios don't usually have access to.

"We want to make Unity the best choice for everyone, and Unity 3.5 is a massive demonstration of our commitment to that goal."